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General Information

The Arizona Study Program (ASP) was started in 1958 to provide a consecutive and comprehensive plan of music study designed to motivate and encourage the student to strive for growth and excellence.

The Arizona Study Program is a 12-year graded course of study developed by ASMTA to provide for the development of musical Performance, Theory and Technique.

It is organized in terms of the twelve years of public school, with one level for each of the years a student would be enrolled in school. It requires continual work throughout the year and is evaluated each spring by a master adjudicator and a written theory test.

ASP Committee


Chair Barbara Stoutenburgh, NCTM bobbist@cox.net
Immediate Past Chair Elaine Mooney, NCTM eddpiano@yahoo.com
Secretary Sherry Lenich, NCTM sherrylenich@gmail.com
Acting Treasurer Barbara Stoutenburgh, NCTM bobbist@cox.net
Honorary Member Gloria Ritt, NCTM gloriaritt@gmail.com
Advisor Rita Borden, NCTM Rita.Borden@nau.edu
Technology Coordinator Susan Traylor suszy2@aol.com
Administrative Materials Barbara Stoutenburgh, NCTM bobbist@cox.net
Ribbons & Plaques Tzu En Yen graceyen@email.arizona.edu
Certificates Fran Kaspar, NCTM Fran@KasparPianoStudio.com

ASP Local Chairs

Cochise Karen Miller kg-miller@hotmail.com
East Valley Lara Heeder Holt evmtaasp@gmail.com
Debbie Saifi, NCTM evmtaasp@gmail.com
Barbara Russell, NCTM evmtaasp@gmail.com
Eastern Arizona Janice Holladay, NCTM holladay.janice@gmail.com
Northern Arizona Marjorie Johnson margejohnsonaz@gmail.com
Phoenix Carol Hill, NCTM chillpiano@cox.net
Barbara Stoutenburgh, NCTM bobbist@cox.net
Tucson Karen Van Sickle vansbk@yahoo.com
Victoria MacDonald macberrypie@gmail.com
David Desoucey david.desoucey@gmail.com

Evaluation Dates

Local Association Date Location
CMTA May 10-11, 2019 Cochise College
EVMTA May 10-11, 2019 ASU
NAMTA May 16-17, 2019 NAU
PMTA April 26-27, 2019 Az Piano
TMTA May 4. 2019 U of A


December 1:
Enrollment deadline $25 per student. Enrollment after December 1: $40 per student.

February 15:
Student Program Form(s) due (Levels 5 – 12). (See your local chair for any changes.)
End of enrollments
Send Level 12 students’ address and all records to local chair.

March 1:
McCurnin Teacher Enrichment and Certification grant applications due.


Forms provided to every member:
Packet 1 – in Yearbooks and on the ASMTA website. Contains parent letter, general information, enrollment form, student program form, materials order form,  and local association 2018 highlights.

Please select your local association to download your Packet 1 (in PDF format):

CMTA Packet 1
EAMTA Packet 1
EVMTA Packet 1
NAMTA Packet 1
PMTA Packet 1
TMTA Packet 1

Unaffiliated and Student Members: To access enrollment information, please select the local association above where your students will be evaluated.

All of the materials referenced in Packet 1, on the Materials Order Form,  are available for purchase and mailing through your ASP Local Chair (see above).   Some of those same materials are also available (in PDF format) for purchase and download from the ASP Online Store (Shop) in your Member Access portal/Dashboard.

Forms provided to members enrolled in Arizona Study Program:
Packet 2 (March/April): Evaluation Information
Packet 3 (May): Evaluation Results

New in 2019!   ASP Levels 1-12 Technique Videos!

Login to your Member Access portal/Dashboard, scroll down the page, and click on the link to view the videos.


Janice McCurnin Teacher Enrichment Grant

Janice McCurnin Certification Grant Program

Enrollment Information

  • Each student must purchase a theory workbook.
  • Complete and return the Enrollment Form. (See Packet 1 of Forms section above. Copy additional Enrollment Forms if necessary.)
  • Send one check (payable to ASP) for your class (teacher’s check only). NO REFUNDS OR SUBSTITUTIONS.
  • A student may be enrolled in different levels for repertoire/technique and performance.
  • Indicate the different levels on all forms and name tag.
  • Records will show completion of the lower of the two levels.
  • The performance level will determine the time allotment for evaluation.
  • Students may be evaluated in only one level per school year.
  • Levels may be repeated and/or skipped at the teacher’s discretion.
  • Indicate previous teacher(s) of all transfer students if students were previously in ASP.
  • Level 4, 8 and 12 awards are given only for completing Category A. Theory, technique, and repertoire must all be at the same level in the same year.
  • A Level 12 senior student may take the Early theory test after January 1. If necessary, the Level 12 test can be retaken at the scheduled Evaluation date. Contact chairman for dates.
  • Notify local chairman in writing of any students dropped or changes in program, level or category.
  • If a student cannot be evaluated on the above dates, see your local association Packet 1 for procedure. There will be an additional fee for the adjudicator.