Upcoming Event: 90th State Conference | June 6–June 8, 2019


Advertising Chair Muriel Long murielgail@cox.net
MusiGRAM Editor Susan Traylor suszy2@aol.com
Conference Book Editor Susan Traylor suszy2@aol.com
Webmaster Susan Traylor suszy2@aol.com

Advertising Opportunities

ASMTA Advertising Application 2018-2019

ASMTA Business Membership Application  (will be posted soon)

When you choose to advertise with ASMTA, you will receive an ad in all of our printed publications (described below) plus a link on our website homepage. Our printed publications have an annual circulation of 2500.

Three Newsletters Per Year

The official publication of ASMTA is the MusiGRAM newsletter. Each newsletter features event calendars from all local associations, instructive articles, and information from the ASMTA Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Administrative Appointees on a variety of topics.

Each newsletter is mailed and emailed to all ASMTA members across the state, and posted on our website. Circulation is 500 per issue to music teachers, educators and suppliers.

Annual State Conference Booklet

Our high-quality conference booklet is printed in conjunction with our annual state conference.  Presenters, vendors and performers from around the country attend the conference, in addition to ASMTA members.

The conference booklet is approximately 44 pages. Profiling honored teachers and the ASMTA Honors Recital Contest, this keepsake-quality booklet features guest artist and presenter bios, and the complete conference schedule.

Link on Our Website

Your logo and website link will be included on the homepage of our website. Our teacher-members and their students use the website regularly to access information about programs, events, and related business services.

When your payment has been completed, please email your advertising copy (JPEG or TIFF) and website link to:
Muriel Long, murielgail@cox.net