Please email questions to Yu Wu at or Rong Lucchesi
at  Many questions can be answered by reading the guidelines.   Changes have been made regarding repertoire, deadlines, and other matters.   It is your responsibility to read all guidelines thoroughly.   Fill out all information requested on the entry forms, including repertoire and teacher contact details.

Registration Instructions

  1. Fill out the student information in the Ticket Type section below, by first selecting the number of students (Spaces) you are registering for a specific division.  This will open up a Student form for each student.
  2. Fill out the teacher information.
  3. Select “Pay With” and choose from one of the two following options:
    • Option 1: PayPal (you are paying online with either PayPal or your credit/debit card)
    • Option 2: Pay Offline (you are paying by check)
  1. Select “Send to Booking”
  2. You will see “Booking Successfully Completed,” Your registration has been submitted.
  3. You need only complete your payment.
    • If you chose Option 1 (to pay online), you are done with the online registration, but you will be prompted to enter your payment information. Once you complete entering your online payment information, you are done.
    • If you chose Option 2 (to Pay Offline), you are done with the online registration and need only issue and mail your check.
      • Make your check payable to ASMTA, and send to: Rong Lucchesi 3017 W Trapanotto Rd. Phoenix AZ 85086.
  1. An email will automatically be sent to you showing either:
    • “Booking Confirmed” (if you paid by Option 1)…..OR
    • “Booking Pending” (if you paid by Option 2). Once the chairperson receives your check, you will receive another email showing “Booking Confirmed”
  1. Details of your registrations will be included in your email notification.


Registration must be made no later than 11:59 p.m. April 15, 2023.   (Deadline has been extended from April 7 to April 15, 2023.)

If you chose Option 2 (to pay by check), your check must be postmarked no later than April 15, 2023.  (Deadline has been extended from April 7 to April 15, 2023.)

For help with this Online Registration Form, contact Suszy Traylor, ASMTA Webmaster at

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