Instructions for Teachers and Parents

Packet 1 – Posted by September 15 (see Arizona Study Program Home page)

Packet 2  – will be posted on March 15

Dates & Deadlines

July 13, 2020 – Letter to ASMTA Membership re 2020-2021 ASP YouTube Evaluations.  

September 15, 2020 – ASP Forms, Dates, Deadlines and Packet 1 Instructions will be posted on Website; ASMTA Member “Login” to Website Video sent in MusiEmail and posted on website. 

October 15, 2020 –  ASP Online Enrollment Training Video sent in MusiEmail and posted on website.  All teachers participating in ASP 2020-2021 strongly advised to view.

November 1-December 1, 2020 –  Open Early Enrollment to Closing of Early Enrollment – $25 Fee.

February 15, 2021 – Late Enrollment Deadline – $40 Fee; Student Program Forms Due.; Send Level 12 students’ address and all records to local chair.
Student Program Form(s) due (Levels 5 – 12). (See your local chair for any changes.)

March 1, 2021 – McCurnin Teacher Enrichment and Certification Grant Applications Due

March 15:  Student Evaluation Forms will be emailed teachers;  Packet 2 will be emailed to local ASP chairperson(s) for forwarding to Participating Teachers;  Packet 2 will also be posted on website.

April 1, 2021 – Teachers email completed Confidential Report “fillable” and Student Evaluation Forms “fillable” forms to local chairperson(s).

April 15, 2021 –  Local chairperson(s) email adjudicators’ binders to adjudicators (copying ArizonaStudyProgram@gmail.come)

May 1, 2021 – Students email YoutTube Video Recordings, due by 11:59 p.m. to; Teachers email Theory Exam scores to local chairs by 11:59 p.m.

May 3, 2021 – Adjudicators begin evaluations 

By May 28, 2021 – Results will be tabulated and distributed via the Local ASP Chairperson(s) 

6 Steps to Prepare Your YouTube Video for 2021 Evaluation – coming March 15

All Teachers, Students and Parents must read at least Page 1 of the 6-Steps to Prepare Your YouTube Video for 2021 Evaluation (as well as the Instructions for Parents and  Teachers Instructions to be distributed in Packet 2 on March 15).  Note:  See FAQ’s below for further clarification.   

Theory Exam and Technique Instructions

For the 2020-2021 YouTube evaluations only, the student’s teacher is responsible for administering the ASP Theory exam.  The exams, answer sheets, instructions and keyboard-staff  page for testing are being provided to the teacher in the Packet 2 materials.   

Also for the 2020-2021 YouTube evaluations only, the student must choose one key (both major and minor) from the list of required keys on the technique page of the theory workbook and indicate it on the Student Evaluation Form to be sent in Packet 2.  As always, Levels 9-12 students may choose a memorized etude (approved by local chairperson) and play one of their level’s modulations. 

Fillable Forms

Three (3) of the forms in Packets 1 & 2 (Student Program Form, Student Evaluation Form and Confidential Report Form) have been made “fillable” for the 2021 virtual evaluations.  Fillable means that the form can be opened on the computer, completed using the computer, saved on the computer, and transferred by email, all without having to print it out.   Not only is there a time-saving benefit for the ASP Committee, but it is a requirement for the adjudicators who are using the fillable form to input their evaluation remarks and scores. 

A training video on how to complete the fillable forms will be made available by February 15 via the ASMTA MusiEmail and will be posted here.

For your convenience, these fillable forms are also being posted here as follows:

Student Program Form CMTA

Student Program Form EAMTA

Student Program Form EVMTA

Student Program Form NAMTA

Student Program Form PMTA

Student Program Form TMTA 

Student Evaluation Form

Confidential Report Form – will be posted by March 15th 


Q:   Must the video recording be uploaded to YouTube or can it be uploaded elsewhere and shared?

A:   The video recording must be uploaded to YouTube.  YouTube videos are “universal”.  That is, anyone using any type of computer, table, laptop, smartphone,  PC or Mac, etc., can upload to and view.  Our adjudicators have varying level of technical experience as well as many varying types of devices on which to view the videos.  If you deviate from the YouTube video, there is a chance the adjudicator may not be able to view your video. 

Q:   Why are we instructed to record only one video?  

A:   A single video in which the student is performing the technique and all repertoire, in the order listed on the Student Evaluation Form, most closely resembles the in-person evaluation.  

Note:  Please perform the technique and four pieces in the same order as indicated on the Student Evaluation Form.  Only one major and one minor key (or etude option) are required.

Q:  Will the video automatically cut off at 30 minutes?

A:  No.  You have control of how long the video.  However, the adjudicator may only listen to your video up to the maximum time designated for that enrolled Level and Category i.e. 10 minutes for levels 1-4, Category A, 30 minutes for Level 12, Category A, etc.

Q:  To Whom are the Videos Submitted?

A:   This is covered on Page 1 of the 6 Steps to Prepare Your YouTube Video for ASP 2021 Evaluations as well as the Instructions for Parents 

Q:   How should the single recording be titled when there are technique and four pieces being formed?  

A:  The 6 Steps to Prepare your Level 12A Recording and YouTube Upload have been revised to address this question.  The video should be titled:  LastName_FirstName_Level #. 

Q:   Do I have to use the “fillable” Student Evaluation Form?  Can’t I just print it off and fill it in by hand, then scan and return them by email?

A:   You must complete the Student Evaluation Form using the “fillable” form using your computer because this fillable forms will be forwarded to the adjudicators who will be giving their evaluation comments and scores on these forms using their computers.  You may contact your local ASP Chairperson who will be happy to help you.

Q.   Must I enroll online?  I don’t feel comfortable doing this.  I would rather have paper and write in my students’ information.  I can then just scan it and return it by email.

A:  You must enroll online.  We will not accept paper enrollment forms.  If you feel you need help you may either view the Online Enrollment Training video which will be posted by October 15 on this web page and will be sent to you in the October 15 MusiEmail.  Alternatiely, you may contact your local ASP Chairperson who will be happy to help you.